VA The Waaaaah ! CD Bring on Bull 91

1.Kind / The House

2.The Dufflecoats / Sunny Tuesday Afternoon

3.Home And Abroad / Wipe Those Tears Away

4.The Field Mice / Other Galaxies

5.Strawberry Story / Ashlands Road

6.Fat Tulips / James

7.Dalek Beach Party / Way Out West

8.The Haywains / Dusty Springfield

9.They Go Boom / Body

10.Confetti / Warm

11.Confetti / Jenny

12.The Bedflowers / My Ex-Lovers Address

13.Cesspit Rebels /  Cabbage

14.Cesspit Rebels / Deodorant Face

15.The Haywains / Kill Karaoke 

16.Music Seen / Friend Of A Friend

17.The Red Alarm Clocks / Cobwebs

18.White Town / We'll Alway Have Paris

19.The Duglasettes / Bellshill's Son

20.Dalek Beach Party / Teddy Boy's Picnic

21.Music Seen / Hairdresser In The Sky

22.The Dufflecoats / Uncertain

23.Home And Abroad / Smokey Town

24.Fluff Fluff And Cuddleyness / I'm not Ashamed

25.The Cudgels / Summer Colours