VA A Perfect Pop Compilation 1991-94 CD  Perfect Pop 94


1. The Time Lodgers: Suburban Spiritual

2. The Release Party: Don't Say It Again

3. Monsters Of Doom: Who Am I To Say?

4. Astroburger: Story Of A Girl

5. The Bartlebees: I Hope You Have A Nice Day

6. The Blind Bats: Banshee Girl

7. The Tables: (I Married A) Monster From Outer Space

8. The Time Lodgers: Okay

9. Todd Gillingham: Mad Family

10. The Release Party: Done By Mirrors

11. The Time Lodgers: So Sad

12. The Loch Ness Mouse: A Picture In My Grandmothers Book

13. The Blind Bats: Everywhere I Go

14. The Silly Pillows: Equilibrium

15. The Tables: I'm A Man

16. King Midas: Magic Book

17. Robert Birdeye: Really Fascinating

18. The Blind Bats: I'm A Believer

19. The Loch Ness Mouse: Bicycle Song

20. The Time Lodgers: I'm Meeting Her Today

21. The Release Party: The Return Of The King Bees

22. Robert Birdeye: Nightmares In Green

23. The Bartlebees: Heavenly Conscience

24. The Tables: Why Not?

25. Todd Dillingham: Jackdaw

26. King Midas: So Much Better

27. Astroburger: Feed That Monster

28. The Silly Pillows: Perfect Pop