VA Pastel Beans CD Toy's Factory 91

1.Louis Phillipe / Guess I'm Dumb

2.Marden Hill/What's All Fuss about

3.Tracey Thorn/Famme Fatale


5.Would Bees/I'm Hardly Ever Wrong

6.Marine Girls/Falling Again

7.Would Be Goods/Camera Loves Me

8.King of Louxenbourg/Virgin on The Rocks

9.Monochrome Set/Eine Synphonie Des Grauens

10.Edsel Auctioneer/Strung

11.Everything But the Girl/On My Mind

12.Ben Watt/North Marine Drive

13.Hepburns/Fly Boy

14.Momus/Lucky Like A Saint Sebastiene

15.Martyn Bates/The Look of Love

16.Horse Lattitudes/Oh Caroline

17.Eyeless in Gaza/Welcome Now

18.The Bolwevilles/Unreasonable

19.The Charlottes/Venus