VA He Didn't Even Draw A Fish CD+Book  Mermaid 92

Beatle Hans And The Paisely Perverts / Two of Us

Les Tender Whiskers / Hey Hey We're Poo Sticks

Crocket And Jones / Heaven And Hell

Die Time Twisters / Skateboard Kid 2

Judy & The Creams / Be My Baby

Wimp Factor  / Sick Building Syndrome

Miss Soixante Dix / Extase

The Paisley Shirts / The Dream Inspires

Fat Tulipes / It's So True

The Release Party / Parachute Jumping from The Sky

Sirken Sicora / Der Waldmeistertraum

Deep Freeze Mice / Till Dawn

The Sheets / Jamboree

Die Blinzelbeeren / Sturheit

Astroburger / It's All up to You

Stein Rosen /

Bartlebees / Don't Mind

The Tables / My Old Hair

Kitchen Cynics / The Diamond Man

Jowe Head & The Househunters / Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep

The Psychodelic Filberts / Atlantis 1968