VA Creation Soup Vol.1-Vol.5 5–‡‘gLP Box  Creation 91


73 In 83 / The Legend!
You Were Glamorous / The Legend!
Melt The Guns / The Legend!

Flowers In The Sky / Revolving Paint Dream, The
In The Afternoon / Revolving Paint Dream, The

Fifty Years Of Sun / Biff Bang Pow!
Then When I Scream / Biff Bang Pow!

Think / The Jasmine Minks
Work For Nothing / The Jasmine Minks

Something's Going On / The Pastels
Stay With Me 'til Morning / The Pastels

Do The Ghost / X Men
Talk / X Men

There Must Be A Better Life / Biff Bang Pow!
Chocholate Elephant Man / Biff Bang Pow!

Where The Traffic Goes / The Jasmine Minks
Mr. Magic / The Jasmine Minks

Why Does The Rain / Loft
Like / Loft

Sings The Blues / The Legend!
Arrogant Bastards / The Legend!


Million Tears / The Pastels
Surprise Me / The Pastels
Baby Honey / The Pastels

Spiral Girl / X Men
Bad Girl / X Men

One Charming Night / Les Zarjaz
My Baby Owns A Fallout Zone / Les Zarjaz

Tuesday / The Loft
Time / The Loft

God Bless / Bodines
Paradise / Bodines

All Fall Down / Primal Scream
It Happens / Primal Scream

What's Happening / The Jasmine Minks
Black & Blue / The Jasmine Minks

Lonely / Loft
Up The Hill & Down The Slope / The Loft

I'll Follow You Down / Slaughter Joe
Napalm Girl / Slaughter Joe

Don't Slip Up / Meat Whiplash
Here It Comes / Meat Whiplash


Five Go Down To The Sea / Aunt Nelly / Five Go Down To The Sea
Five Go Down To The Sea / Silk Brain Worm / Five Go Down To The Sea
Five Go Down To The Sea / Women / Five Go Down To The Sea

I'm Alright With You / The Pastels
For What It's Worth / The Pastels
Couldn't Care Less / The Pastels

Justice & Money Too / Moodists
You've Got Your Story / Moodists
Take Us All Home / Moodists

Love's Going Out Of Fashion / Biff Bang Pow!
It Happens All The Time / Biff Bang Pow!

Cold Heart / The Jasmine Minks
World's No Peace / The Jasmine Minks

Crystal Crescent / Primal Scream
Velocity Girl / Primal Scream

Ballad Of The Band / Felt
I Didn't Mean To Hurt You / Felt

Almost Prayed / Weather Prophets
Your Heartbeat Breathes The Life Into Me / Weather Prophets

William Shatner / Bodines


Naked As The Day You Were Born / Weather Prophets
In My Room / Weather Prophets

Rain Of Crystal Spires / Felt
I Will Die With My Head In Flames / Felt

Jangle Town / Nikki Sudden
The Last Bandit / Nikki Sudden

Someone Stole My Wheels / Biff Bang Pow!
It Makes You Scared / Biff Bang Pow!

She's Out Of Touch / Slaughter Joe
See My Rider / Slaughter Joe

Waiting For A Change / Phil Wilson
Even Now / Phil Wilson

Murderers, The Hope Of Women / Momus
Eleven Executioners / Momus
What Will Death Be Like / Momus

Everything's Turning Brouchard / Biff Bang Pow!
The Death Of England / Biff Bang Pow!

King Of Joy / Bill Drummond

Wedding Hotel / Nikki Sudden And Rowland S. Howard
Girl With No Name / Nikki Sudden And Rowland S. Howard
Hello Wolf / Nikki Sudden And Rowland S. Howard

Vol. 5

Chernobylaby / Baby Amphetamine
Cheque It Out / Baby Amphetamine

Shine On / The House Of Love
Love / The House Of Love
Flow / The House Of Love
Real Animal / The House Of Love
Plastic / The House Of Love
Nothing To Me / The House Of Love

Good To You / Blow-Up
To You / Blow-Up

Ten Miles / Phil Wilson
A Jingle / Phil Wilson

The Final Resting Of The Ark / Felt
Autumn / Felt

Pool Vally / Blow-Up
Smile / Blow-Up

Mad Dogs / Emily
Reflect On Rye / Emily
What The Fool Said / Emily
Old Stone Bridge / Emily