VA Creation Soup 1990-93 CD  Creation 93

1.The Boo Radleys / Lazarus (Edit)

2.Slowdive / Alison

3.Adorable / I'll Be Your Saint

4.The Times / Big Paintings

5.Swervedriver / Son of Mustang Ford

6.Silverfish / Crazy

7.Lilac Time / Whisper of Your Mind

8.Medalark 11 / I Call Your Name

10.BMX Bandits / Thinkin bout You Babe

11.Petor Astor / Walk into The Wind

12.Boyfriend / Jahloppee

13.Superstar / Barfly

14.Jazz Butcher / Ghosts

15.Primal Scream / Higher Than The Sun (The Orb Mix)

16.The Times / Lundi Bleu (Japanese Vocal Edit)

17.My Bloody Valentine / Soon (Andy Weatherall Mix)

18.Dreadzone / The Warning

19.Biff Bang Pow ! / Sad Eyes in Velvet