VA Communicate! Live at Thames Poly CD Overground 92


Granny :: The Eels

Black Dwarf :: Marc Riley

All the Irish Must Go To Heaven :: Big Flame

Something Going On :: Pastels

No Place Called Home :: June Brides

Crazy! Crazy! :: Mark Perry

Release the Natives/Spanish Heaven :: Mark Perry

Help Me Make It Through the Night :: Mekons

Sick :: Ut

M.M.M. Crisis :: The EX

Fat Lad Exam Failure :: Bogshed

Like a Virgin :: The Three MaJonnas

Vicious Acapella :: The Three Johns

Gone Away :: The Three Johns

Only My Opinion :: The Nightingales

Crafty Fag :: The Nightingales

The Gong Man :: The Very Things

The Guilt and the Glory :: Conflict

Rockface :: The Poison Girls

Kill Your Idols :: Sonic Youth

Unga Bunga Song :: Five Go Down to the Sea

Back to Vietnam :: Television Personalities