VA The 2 Tone Story CD Chrysalis 90

The Selecter - The Selecter

Gangsters - The Special AKA

The Prince - Madness

On My Radio - The Selecter

Rudi, A Message To You - The Specials & Rico

Ranking Full Stop - The Beat

Ruder Than You - The Bodysnatchers

That Man Is Forward - Rico

Blank Expression - The Specials

Too Much Pressure (Live)- The Selecter

Too Much Too Young (Live)- The Specials

Three Minute Hero (Live)- The Selecter

Do Nothing - The Specials & Rico

International Jet Set - The Specials

Why? - The Specials

Ghost Town - The Specials & Rico

War Crimes - The Special AKA

Nelson Mandela - The Special AKA

Destroy Them - Rico